A new moderation policy is now in place!

I tried to let comments appear on this blog without moderation.  Some people took advantage of it right from the get go, and I’ve left those comments intact as examples the absurdity of my early policy efforts. (Update: But I will be snipping them in the near future.) Today, even an extremely tolerant person’s threshold (mine) was crossed, and it was not a comment about me or this blog, if you’re wondering.

As a result of that one comment, all comments now require manual approval. I’m not sure if this is a temporary or permanent change of policy.  We’ll see how things go.

UPDATE:  I’ve gone through the comments on all of the threads and snipped portions I believed many people would find offensive. Please let me know if you find more.


About Bob Tisdale

Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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25 Responses to A new moderation policy is now in place!

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  14. > Update: But I will be snipping them in the near future.

    I certainly hope so. You’ve done a pretty good job of not rejecting comments merely because you dislike them, a state of tolerance that shames WUWT. It will be spiffy for anyone who dislikes the Dork Side if you retrospectively whitewash over them.


    [Goodbye, William. You’re no longer welcome here. Adios — Bob]


  15. Bob Tisdale says:

    Hi William. The following link contains the notification from me to you at your website that you are no longer welcome at any of my blogs. So you don’t have to keep archiving comments that will be deleted:

    Have a good day.

    PS: If you haven’t discovered it yet, I did respond to your attempt to post my full name and address at HotWhopper. See the closing of the post here:

    With the book sales and donations from that post, I’m going off my diet tonight and going out to dinner. I haven’t had a big steak in a long time.

    Adios again.


  16. Nyq Only says:

    Can he come back if he calls himself “wuwt.fan.4.6.years”?


  17. Bob Tisdale says:

    Nyq Only, thanks. You made me laugh.


  18. nielszoo says:

    It’s a shame, but I’m sure that is their desired outcome. I have yet to find a CAGW supporter (or the Progressive puppet masters that use them) that can color inside the lines so they tend to destroy any meaningful dialog before it is useful. Your admirable attempt to create a spot where commenters can “talk out in the hall” goes against their grain and would have nullified the argument of “you always delete/edit my comments” they’re so fond of falling back on. I’m sure, considering a lot of what makes it by mod’s, many of them are snipped or banned for failing to be even remotely polite… or they’re so obtuse they drag threads far outside the bounds of the posts they are responding to.

    It appears to be by design as any scientific defense they mount in a thread usually ends in ad hom’s and insults. I’ve been following many of the scientifically based blogs (the so-called skeptical sites) for quite a while and have just recently started commenting on some of them. I quickly gave up on any hope of having reasonable discourse with the regular “true believers” on the CAGW side of the fence. Their comments usually devolved into the “proof from authority” category, misdirection (usually to a strawman argument,) deliberately circular arguments, grossly misrepresenting opposing comments in the same thread… as if one couldn’t scroll up 30 lines and read the original comment and sticking by points that have been long since proven to be invalid.

    They are the spoiled kid running around the grocery store screaming and crying, knocking things off of the shelves and kicking their mothers just to get some attention.


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