Miriam O’Brien says: Various views flying about at WUWT

New Post at HotWhopper. In this post, Miriam comments on about a dozen comments. Wow! (sarc off.)

WattsUpWithThat post: Model claim: airplanes of the future won’t be able to take off at some airports due to global warming

HotWhopper Reply from Thursday, November 27, 2014 [archived]: Various views flying about at WUWT

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Please refrain from ad hominem comments. I realize that will be difficult for many people, especially if you’ve just returned from Hot Whopper. But try; ad homs hurt your arguments.

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Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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4 Responses to Miriam O’Brien says: Various views flying about at WUWT

  1. MCourtney says:

    I know I said I wouldn’t comment here but… she likes me.
    She is always quite polite – even complimentary – about me.

    I wonder of this is because I am not a right-wing loony.
    Being a left-wing loony passes muster, perhaps?


  2. gnomish says:

    heh. that’s funny.
    i have a rooster. from time to time i go annoy him with my superior verbal ability, rendering more complicated crowings than he can hope to achieve.
    so he attacks me. i run away.
    the object of the exercise is to convince him he is invulnerable.
    so when a fox comes, he will feed the fox and the chickens might escape.
    that’s his lot.
    he has no idea the everything he believes is contrived to make use of him to preserve the status quo of eating the babies.
    so you are miriam’s golden boy?
    i can’t wait for a fox.


  3. Klaas de Waal says:

    Wow, the level is quite high at this “blog on a blog”.


  4. ren says:

    If you see the current position of the center of the polar vortex, we understand the flow of air in the Northern hemisphere, and why in Canada will be as cold as Siberia.



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